Tidel Smart Safes

Tidel D3
Experience Secure and Automated Cash Deposits with the Tidel D3. Designed for organizations seeking a reliable solution, the Tidel D3 offers a choice of note validators, support for various note cassettes, and seamless network connectivity. Simplify your cash handling processes with this proven solution for efficient and auditable cash deposits.
Tidel D4
Unlock Efficiency and Security with the Versatile Tidel D4. Designed for usability, convenience, and serviceability, the Tidel D4 is ideal for diverse cash management environments. With support for up to two bill validators and multiple storage vault options, it offers the capacity, performance, and connectivity required to secure and automate cash-intensive businesses. Experience streamlined cash management across various industries with the Tidel D4.
Tidel D4e
Address Diverse Cash Management Needs with the Tidel D4e. With industry-leading expansion capabilities, the Tidel D4e empowers organizations to manage a wide range of cash management requirements. From dispensing coins and notes to recycling coin and enabling expanded note deposit and validation capabilities, the Tidel D4e and its supported peripherals offer comprehensive solutions. Experience a fully integrated system that tackles the broadest spectrum of cash management challenges with the Tidel D4e, the ideal solution for retail organizations.
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